There’s a first for everything…

What are you even supposed to say when you introduce your blog for the very first time ever? So much pressure to say something catchy and attention grabbing… I’ve got nothing. But I WILL say, I’ve never felt more like Sarah Jessica Parker in my life. Typing and deleting, typing and deleting. Smoking a cigarette and remembering my last casual sexual encounter with the stranger who bought me a cosmopolitan at the bar last night.

Just kidding. But what a smooth transition to explaining why I am starting a blog in the first place? My life is hilariously average. I am a super suburban, God fearing, averagestay at home mom. I work my butt off to just be super duper mediocre at raising a very high strung ginger baby, all while trying to be the best wife that I can possibly be to my seet ginger husband. But here’s the deal… although my life is very basic, I want to remember these days forever. I want to always be able to look back at the hilarious stories, the struggles, the accomplishments, the sometimes devastatingly temporary stages of my sweet boy’s childhood, and just remember. I also wanted to make this blog because when I tell people ridiculous stories about my life they usually say, “You need to write a book or something!”

And so I present to you: THE SO SO HOUSEWIFE! Also known as, MY ADULT XANGA!!! I remember in junior high I would mentally log things that happened during the day just so I could go home and write about it on my Xanga. Hopefully this blog is like that…except with less converse icons, lyrics about my bleeding heart, and countdowns to my next orthodontist appointment to change the color of my bands.

The blog name is pretty self-explanatory. I chose it because I’m all about the honesty on social media. There is nothing more irritating to me than when moms portray their motherhood and their families and their every day lives as picture perfect, effortless… and not covered in poop. Because here’s the deal- I KNOW YOUR TRUTH, LADIES! I know your sleepless nights, your irritability, your struggles with meeting your husband’s needs while trying to keep your baby alive, your breastfeeding nightmares, your postpartum body image issues, your loss of friendships, and the fact that by Thursday your hair is 90% dry shampoo. I know your truth now, but I didn’t know it when I was thrown into motherhood before any of my peers were. I trusted my gut and made a ton of mistakes, but the biggest mistake that I made was comparing myself to what I perceived to be the “good moms” that I followed on social media- the moms who posted pictures and statuses that made me believe that I was not good enough at breastfeeding my baby, that I was not taking care of my body like I needed to, that I was not talking to my baby enough, and that I was not playing with my baby enough, (& btw how the HELL do you “play” with a 3 week old baby??? Somebody tell me already!!!)

So let’s end this post with my promise to anybody and everybody that stumbles across this blog. I promise to be shameless and honest with every post that I write. I promise to seek the humor in every ridiculous thing that happens throughout my frustratingly slow, but ever fleeting days at home with my baby boy. And lastly, I promise to always encourage you to keep on keeping on and to give yourself some grace during your so so life.

6 thoughts on “There’s a first for everything…

  1. I am so so so excited for this blog so so so excited for this blog Afton. There is nothing better than a good story from you! I love your honesty and commitment to share the truth! Can’t wait to be a loyal reader!

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  2. Jocy’s mom, Kim, told me you were writing a blog. I was instantly intrigued, because anything and everything you post or hilarious, real and, believe it or not, charming. You’re hilarious, girl! And you make more people than you know laugh their heads off!!

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